Brief introduction of Dasen Enterprise and its Brand
In October 1999, the principal leaders of Zhejiang provincial Party committee to promote, Jilin Province, Baishan City and Hangzhou established sister city.2001 in April we set up in Hangzhou, the government of Baishan City in Jilin province by the Association Committee Office in Hangzhou.2005 in June, we established Hangzhou Omori sports facilities Engineering Company Limited was established in April 2013, Hangzhou qiansen stage Engineering Co. Ltd. for "big Sen" brand. The stage floor, sports flooring, wood preservative, lawn (including artificial grass and natural grass) market development projects such as sports flooring products and lighting project design, construction and installation of a full range of customer service, maintenance services and other matters.
Hangzhou Omori "series of products including the stage floor, sports floor, lawn, supply and installation of lighting and sound equipment, in recent years, renowned products, reputation in the domestic well-known brands on the market. Its first-class quality mainly depends on the following conditions:
A, richly endowed by nature resources. World forestry authority statistics show that the earth is located in north latitude 45 degrees around the north temperate and boreal in the north is precious and universally recognized growth sports flooring (including stage, sports floor) natural golden zone species. Our products are raw materials, lighting and sound equipment mostly produced in the region; I have wood products processing base is located in the hinterland of Changbai Mountain original forest.
Two, the international first-class processing equipment. The "big Sen" brand sports arena, floors are located by the Changbai Mountain forest area in the hinterland of Jilin province key import and export enterprises with international first-class production line; computer control vapor.degreasing top technology application in domestic production and pulp drying process of high-quality products; lighting and sound equipment are mostly from in Europe, North America and other developed countries in the world famous brand products.
Three, the installation process of professional construction. In recent years, we insist on their own construction team, elaborate design, professional installation, to ensure full warranty, Omori brand "price" has a solid technical support and technology foundation, has been highly concerned by the domestic and foreign industry.
Four, of low-cost business philosophy. In the market development process, we pursue a rare natural, high quality and low price of the price strategy, and strive to impress customers with the Northeast's chastity products occupy the market, rely on high quality and inexpensive; in recent years, the corporate image is increasing, the construction quality and customer service service wide acclaim.
Five, focus on innovation and development. Especially our emphasis on innovation and development. In the choice of materials, production and processing, drying process, on-site installation, paint various preparation, construction, production, installation process (including process node) on the optimization, innovation of domestic first-class construction process and node control new technology new technology, new method. Among the forefront of the industry in the tide of innovation and development in China.
At present, the above-mentioned innovations have been reported to the State Intellectual Property Office, and five national patent certificates have been obtained, and six of them have received the notice of acceptance of the national invention or utility model (see attachment);
Six, the construction of performance throughout domestic and overseas. We now have a world-class sports flooring processing equipment and domestic first-class stage floor, sports flooring and lighting and sound professional installation team. In recent years, the construction of the National Grand Theater, CCTV national opera, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai, Disneyland, Sri Lanka National Grand theatre the Algeria State Opera and other hundreds of professional sports arena floor, floor, lighting and sound equipment supply or installation project construction performance ranked the forefront of the domestic industry.
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